Our Father Abounding in Love

I have often felt like the life of a Christian is exhausting. After managing the duties demanded by ordinary life, the admirable Christian forsakes time they might use for their personal enjoyment to give back to God. Before attending DTC, I am not sure I was able to identify what I actually believed about God. But looking back, it’s clear to me I saw God as a disappointed Father trying to extract something from me that I felt I was unable to deliver. When my wife and I decided to attend DTC, I probably even felt that God was slightly more appeased that I could at least sacrifice a long weekend spent in spiritual reflection.

However, what I encountered was a Father whose thoughts and motives are completely different from my own. To hear about the depth of his love for us (for me) forced my attention from myself and my own self-righteousness and refocused it on His miraculous grace. What I took from DTC is that God is a Father abounding in love and mercy and scripture is intent on this being known. It spans from the cross to today and speaks into all the small moments of weakness and frailty I experience in my faith. The hope this gives me is that I can ditch whatever Christian resume I thought I was building before. I can take Jesus’ resume. For me, choosing to live by grace has proven to give me far greater joy.

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