Being with Brothers and Sisters in Christ

So why do I keep going back to DTC? It's not because I'm getting new, secret information when I go. The material is mostly the same. In fact, we all already have it, whether we've been to DTC or not; it's scripture, it's in the Bible.

I keep going back because I've realized I need help. I need conditioning sessions. Every now and then I need to dedicate a weekend to spending time with brothers and sisters (more, less, or equally experienced people) who are willing to pause for a second in their routine, and circle back around to make sure I'm caught up. I want to be one of those people. I want to invite my friends to join our path too, and I want to be there to encourage them and lend a hand, just like my friends did when I couldn't make it up the hill just yet.

Discipleship, to me, is not just learning from someone who is smarter than you, or more knowledgeable about the Bible. It's going through life together, learning from each other, and caring for each other because of God's great love for us. It's accepting that we will not always have the answers we seek, but that we might find them by seeking God together, and supporting each other in the journey. God doesn't put us on the Earth to seek Him alone, but gives us brothers and sisters who are willing to adjust their course and love us in the image of our Father.

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