Post-DTC 2 Reflections

This DTC, more than any other I’ve ever taught in, I felt that I was just another learner rather than a teacher. This was in part because I trusted our teaching team so much that I felt like I could just sit back, listen, and learn (and I didn’t have to lead a small group, but could just participate in one). But it was also because more than ever, the last couple months, God has led me to a place where I really had to consider if I believe the things that DTC 2 in particular was teaching and what it looks like in practice. Do the teachings of the Bible in DTC 2 (Romans 4-8) (aka the full picture of the gospel) actually change my life? What does new creation look like when put into practice? Is it real? Does it give hope, life, and peace?

As I reflect on the trip, the sessions, the small groups, and my life the past few months, I can answer this last question with a resounding YES! God’s love displayed through what Jesus did to transform my life is real and it means everything. Some of what has changed over the past few months has been a life under grace instead of under law, thinking about sin less and God’s love more, a freedom and excitement about all the areas of my life, and a growing love for others. The details of some of those changes are possibly to come in a series of follow-up posts…

But for now, I wanted to share this song. As DTC 2 SA was wrapping up, this song really stuck with me—not just in my head, but also in my heart. The emotions and feelings I feel hearing it on repeat just keep coming, and I think it’s God’s way of helping me sum up what DTC 2/Romans 4-8/the full message of new creation and salvation mean to me right now.

Below are some of my thoughts and feelings as I hear the words of this song, so that I might share a little of this experience with you.

“Standing here, in your presence”

Lord, you are here, so close and so real.

“In a grace so relentless”

Your grace overflows and overpowers. It washes over me completely. It grows more deep, more real, and more powerful the more I am with you.

“I am won, by perfect love”

I am made completely new by your relentless love. I am head over heels in love with you. There is nothing missing, nothing incomplete.

“Wrapped within the arms of heaven”

You hold me, as a Father holds His child.

“In a peace that lasts forever”

Here, I am at peace, regardless of my circumstance.

“Sinking deep, in mercy’s seat”

I let myself go, drift away in your arms of love and mercy. The world melts away—it matters not, as the only thing that matters is You.

“I’m wide awake”

I’m not dreaming. I’m not imagining things. It feels too good to be true, but it is more real and more true than anything.

“Drawing close, stirred by grace”

Your grace is what continually beckons me closer and closer—it draws me near you.

“And all my heart is yours”

Draws me in until all of me is completely yours. I will hold nothing back, for I cannot hold anything back in the face of your great love, as I live out who you have made me, completely new, holy and righteous.

“All fear removed”

There is no fear. There is only sonship.

“I breathe you in

I lean into your love

Oh, your love”

I lean in… I hear your heartbeat and feel your love.

“When I’m lost you pursue me”

I was blind, confused, but you never gave up on showing me your grace and love—showing me who you have made me.

“Lift my head to see your glory”

You lifted my head and there it was, your glory in me, made complete. It was in me all along.

“Lord of all, so beautiful”

Such a beautiful sight, I can hardly believe it.

“Here in you, I find shelter

Captivated by the splendor

Of your face, my secret place”

You are my home—the place where I feel safe. You are my intimacy. You are the only one that I can fully be myself with, and here in you, I find my true self.

“Your love so deep

Is washing over me”

Your love pours out over me, surrounds me completely, and all I can do is smile.

“Your face is all I seek

You are my everything”

Your face is all I seek—you are all I want for you are my everything.

“Jesus Christ

You are my one desire

Lord hear my only cry

To know you all my life”

Let me know you even more than I think I know you now. Let that be what my whole life is about—to continually discover and rediscover you.


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