Discipleship Training Conference

FASTM’s concept of discipleship training is to teach believers to be disciples. We use the word “teach” for lack of a better word. In other words, the emphasis of this conference is not to teach the skills that a disciple may need, but to guide believers to be disciples. We endeavor to show that a believer already possesses the characters of a disciple through his new life in Christ.


And to this effect, Jesus said, “You are the light of the world; you are the salt of the world.” God has already endowed us with the qualities of a disciple. God has already enabled us to be a disciple. Why then a conference on discipleship?  DTC is here to show us, with what has been given to us, how we can live out our new life as a disciple.


Our discipleship training consists of four conferences. Read more about each below.

Four Conferences


Life In Christ

Embracing a personal relationship with God and experiencing an abundant life with new core values.


New Creation

Grasping the reality of our New Creation identity and the believer's present freedom from sin, law, and condemnation


I And The Church

Understanding how our New Creation identity affects our relationships with other believers 


Receiving God's Word

Reading the Bible as a New Creation and allowing the scriptures to transform our perspective and value system

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